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This is our Complete Video and Software support desk system, You must register as a new user here, ( Upper Right Corner) Under My Account.  if you haven't used our system before!  please look around and read the FAQ before sending a ticket, It may just save you from sending a support ticket!

We Hope This Provides An Awesome Support Experience For All Our Customers

Our Support Hours

All Support Tickets Are Answered Within 24/48 hours, but usually sooner if during the work week - 

We Operate During These Hours Only

  • Monday -Thursday 10am - 4pm CST
  • Friday - 10am - 3pm CST
  • Closed All Weekends
  • Closed All American & Canadian Holidays

Except On A Launch Day - I provide support services until all questions are answered or I fall asleep, whichever comes first...

Our Parent Website

Video Marketer RX is our Flagship Website and all software purchases can be accessed from that site

You were mailed credentials when you originally purchased - Just Visit http://ezwebmasterpro.com/ and goto the members area

then register as a new user with the email you purchased with and select a new password and your account will be activated...

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Our Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook group where users can interact, provide tips & tricks and where I post notices about upcoming software updates and new product releases, Plus This is where I post notices about any server or software issue's - I DO NOT ALLOW ANY SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE GROUP SO PLEASE READ THE RULES

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